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Elevator 2 Elevator-2
  • Bucky table with floating table top
Coordinatus 2 Coordinatus-2
  • Bucky table
KS 80-2 KS 80-2
  • Vertical cassette stand with automatic cassette centering and collimator size sensing
BS2000 BS2000 V / BS2000 VK
  • Bucky Wall Stand - Vertical BS2000 V - Vertical and Tilting BS 2000 VK
RS3000 RS 3000
  • Floor mounted Tube stand
Toplift TOPLIFT / Ceiling Support System
  • Ceiling support with EasyDrive
Cosmos-2 Cosmos-2
  • Universal X-Ray unit
  • Universal X-Ray unit
  • Self-positioning via the motorization of all axes
CS3000 CS3000
  • Bucky table with integrated tube column
  • Telescopic tube arm motion
  • Bucky autotracking
  • Patient load - 1000 lbs.
CS2000 CS2000 - CS2000 Tomo-2
  • Bucky table with integrated tube column and optional tomographic feature
Combi Elevator-2 Combi Elevator-2 / Combi Elevator Tomo-2
  • Height adjustable Bucky table with integrated tube stand and optional with computer servo driven tomography
Uromat 3000 Uromat 3000 / Uromat 3000 digital
  • Urological X-Ray table. Modular system solutions
Accessories Accessories
  • Hand Grips | Overhead Hand Grip | Side Mounted Hand Grips
  • Lateral Cassette Holder | Compression Belt | Hip Clamps
  • Head Clamps

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